Our Wedding Cars
Wedding Car Hire New South Wales (NSW)

Our four Vintage cars, are all matching in colour and era to compliment your wedding or special event. Without doubt they will add a certain style with a reminiscence of bygone eras of grace and charm to your special day. The cars featured are complete in their original style and make.

Our fleet comprises the following:

  • 3 x 1928 Chevrolet Vintage Tourers with soft tops and curtain sides, cream with black guards
  • 1 x 1929 Dodge Vintage Sedan with suicide Doors and very spacious interior (possibly the brides car), cream with black guards
  • 1 x 1937 Dodge- this car is full of power and has been completely restored with the looks and sounds of a superb hot rod with the comforts of a modern interior. Beautiful eye catching colour- tranquillity green. Full stereo system included- Suicide doors for ease of getting into the vehicle with plenty of room to move.
  • 1 x 1929 Ford Tourer- another superb open sided hot rod. This car is in prestige condition with plenty of chrome displayed on the motor which highlight the stunning colour of this outstanding hot rod. This car has a Carson hard top and side curtains for those cold mountains days

Vintage Chevrolet Tourers
Soft Top Left :: Hard Top Right

The soft top Tourers when converted.

Vintage Hotrods
Dodge Left :: Ford Tourer Convertible Right